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Riding in cars with … your dog

Have you ever been going out and about, not wanting to bring your own car, or not having a car to bring, and also wanting to bring your dog with you? Before it was a dicey on whether or not animals were allowed in Ubers and other rideshare cars… but now, Uber has made it easier!

They introduced a new feature (in test cities, for now) that will guarantee you can bring your dog in the Uber with you!

The new feature, Uber Pet will make it easier for riders to “communicate to a driver that you’ll be bringing a furried (or even scaled!) friend onboard your Uber trip.”

The goal of Uber Pet is to allow riders to arrive to their destination with their pet without any interruptions or surprises. Before, if you wanted to travel with your pet, you could call your driver ahead of time for permission, but this new feature makes that process less complicated. Pet owners wanting to travel with their pets just have to select the Uber Pet option when booking their ride for the service. This will require paying a small surcharge which varies from $3 to $5, and that charge will be included in the upfront price.

The only downfall – the feature isn’t available just yet here in Los Angeles. It will begin testing in Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay starting Oct. 16, and hopefully will eventually be spread to other cities nationwide.

And if you have a pet that is not just a dog or cat (I can’t imagine cats enjoying a car ride, though) don’t worry! All household pets are accepted on rides, and yes that includes turtles and hamsters, as well as caged birds and fish in bowls or bags.

If you’re hoping to travel with more than one pet in your ride, more than one animal will be approved based on the driver’s discretion. I imagine if you have two turtles in a tank, it’s no big deal. But two large dogs in a smaller car might not fly.

I LOVE this new feature! Will you be traveling with your pets soon?!

posted by Sisanie –  Oct 10, 2019

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