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5 Tips for Making Your New House Your New Home

The best part about a new home is adding all the little touches that turn it from just another house into your home. Some of the steps to creating this transition come naturally – hanging your family photos, cooking your first meal, even setting up your bedroom just the way you like it – and can go a long way into creating a homey feel, but here are some tips you may not have thought of.


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Grow Something

With the rise in popularity of succulents and air plants, even those of us without a green thumb can add a little life to our spaces. Add a windowsill herb garden in the kitchen, or an unexpected air plant in the bathroom, a tiny terrarium of moss on a desk, or a gorgeous succulent as a coffee table center piece. Just a tiny bit of lively green can make a home really come alive.


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Engage the Senses

We often consider how a room looks or feels, but when was the last time you consciously determined how a room would SMELL? There are so many options for scents and how to infuse them in the air. We love calming lavender for bedrooms, vanilla for kitchens, and a nice woody sandalwood or cedar for living spaces. Use a diffuser for long lasting natural scents, and a candle, wax melt, or essential oil burner for a quick burst of fragrance.


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Treat Yourself

We often save the best towels and fancy soaps for the guest bath, but nothing makes you feel more relaxed and at home than a little pampering. A couple small touches can turn your master bath into a spa like experience. An assortment of inexpensive bath bombs, some fresh flowers, and a glass of your favorite kick-back sips make it a night (or an hour) to remember.


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All the Comforts

From small throw pillows, to large floor poofs, to cuddly soft blankets, adding texture and color. You can make bold choices with tiny accents, adding pops of color that may be overwhelming on walls, while creating a place to truly relax for you and your guests. Its the perfect chance to express yourself, and now, with services like Wish selling pillow covers for under $5, a perfect way to switch things up on the fly.


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Unpack the Special

This one takes a little forward thinking. While packing up your old space take a moment to look around and find the items that really make your home special. Whether is a favorite piece of art, an old family photo, or a shelf of kicknacks, pack them away in a special box. There’s nothing worse than unpacking what you think is the last box only to find that you’ve lost something irreplaceable. Pack them in a specially marked box, make sure it comes with you to your new house, and make that box the first thing you open. Decide on the new homes your special things will have in the new house and it will feel like home in no time.

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