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Client Testimonials

We value the testimonials and feedback from our clients.  At Center City Listings, we strive to provide each and every client with the best real estate experience possible.

David Snyder

client testimonials

3.11.2015 – I’ve worked with David for over 5 years. Unlike other realtors, who often give textbook advice, David practices what he preaches. He has developed everything from single family homes to large multifamily properties. This has allowed him to become very knowledgable in every aspect of a real estate transaction. He knows Philly better than anyone I know.

7.15.2014 – I worked with David for both the purchase and sale of my Center City condo, as well as the listing of the condo as a rental when I moved out of state. He was always very helpful, professional, and responsive, and I was an inexperienced buyer/owner/seller with a LOT of questions! I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in selling (or buying) a property in Center City.

7.15.2014 – I am a buy and hold investor and real estate development is my full time business in Center City, Philadelphia. Until I met David and started working with him in the Fall of 2013, I had been looking for someone just like him. I was looking for someone who could add real value to my business. Although his market knowledge is spot on, he exercises extreme care with a deal from start to finish and his negotiating skills are masterful, this was not why I chose to work with David Snyder. These qualities mentioned above are imperative in choosing the best realtor, but I was looking for more. I needed someone who owned actual investment properties and could look at the bigger picture from an entrepreneurial mindset. Not only is David an excellent choice for a first time home buyer, because of his laid back yet no BS attitude, but he would be an ideal choice for an investor as he has certain skills that can only be found in a hand full of realtors across the country.

1.27.2014 – David helped us sell our home. In doing so, he was a good deal maker and a confident advocate for our property.

While he wasn’t involved in the ultimate purchase of our new home he was instrumental in helping us understand the market. He has tremendous knowledge of Philly; he understands the trends and the needs of his buyers; and is a patient realtor. David does a good job of predicting value and opportunity. He showed us a huge number of properties, and I never felt like I got salesman speak or pressure to make decisions. He is, in short, a great realtor.

3.06.2013 – David knows exactly what he is doing with real estate he is the best at what he does. He can assist any client in the manner best suited for them.

3.05.2013 – David is a true expert in the local market, is very smart at analyzing projects, and is incredibly responsive. He is a trusted advisor to me. He has represented me on multiple purchases including investment property.

3.02.2013 – David is someone who deeply and intimately knows the real estate process and knows Philly. He has tremendous knowledge of the neighborhoods and the developers, and masterfully navigated the entire process of finding a home for us and effectively negotiating with the seller in order to bring the deal to fruition. We could not be happier with his performance.

2.24.2012 – I needed to find an apartment in the city of Philadelphia fast and David was great! He was able to find one for me in the price range and the location I was looking for, all within a couple of weeks. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for an apartment or home. I know when I am looking into buying my first home, I will be contacting David!

1.16.2012 – As an investor with 20 years of renting properties creating architectural designs and renovating in Philadelphia and when it comes to agents I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. David is the best of the rest. David is an exceptional agent with vast knowledge of the Philadelphia real estate market. He was able to answer any question I threw at him without hesitation. Whenever I needed to speak with him he was available. He was willing to meet with me at my chosen location to review a complicated contract and was even ready to meet on Christmas day if needed. I highly recommend David Snyder

6.30.2011 – David is by far the most knowledgeable and responsive agents you will ever come across. He was recommended to me by one of the largest real estate people in Philly and this guy said don’t call anyone else – call David.

6.14.2011 – Call David before you call anyone else!!! He knows his area( Center City, Graduate Hospital, South Philly, Temple/ North Philly and all surrounding neighborhoods) better than anyone else around. He will be able to transition you through the process, whether buying or selling; regardless of deal size and give you quick, honest and accurate information along the way. He will spend time with you to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. I have worked with David for many years and cannot say enough good things about him!!

3.31.2011 – My experience in purchasing a home would not have been the same without David; he is very knowledgeable regarding the center city area and the acquisition process. He was so helpful and I would never use anyone but him. He is the best.

3.30.2011 – David and I have been working on finding new real estate opportunities in mainly the Temple area. He is very knowledgeable of the area and has a good handle on property quality and market prices. While we haven’t landed any deals together, I feel he has added value to my searches and in due time we will identify and close on a good, profitable property. David has also been a good “go to” when I have questions about the market, properties or renting. He recently found tenants through his rental service while I was out of town. BTW – The reason I put a 4 star on the negotiation skills is that I haven’t had a chance to experience a negotiation with David yet.

3.29.2011 – I have worked with David on several opportunities over the past 6 months. Incidentally, I came across a property on Zillow that I was interested in and clicked on his name, as well as 2 other agents, requesting assistance. He was the first to respond and I have never looked back. David’s knowledge of the local real estate market and contacts within the market are second to none. Combine that with outstanding negotiation skills and superior customer service and the results speak for themselves.

When I was getting an MBA I always got the most out of my professors who taught from their own experiences, rather than those who taught from textbook examples. These are truly the types of people that can help you achieve your goals. The great thing about David is that he has a diverse array of experience on which to draw from not only a professional but also a personal/investment level. What better kind of person to assist you with one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make? Work with David Snyder and you will walk away not only extremely pleased with your purchase but also with a Masters degree in home buying.


Rob Lavecchia

client testimonials

10.2.2015 – My wife and I have schedules such that we couldn’t go looking at houses during business hours. Rob had no problem scheduling showings on weekends and late afternoons/early evenings. This was our first time buying any real property and Rob did a pretty good job of leading us through it. We had worked with a few realtors before Rob and I must say, if they are representative of realtors working in Fishtown, Rob’s professionalism is above the rest. He was early to all of our appointments and always prepared. Most importantly to me, Rob has great client interaction. That is, he’s respectful, professional, and trustworthy (to the extent that our interactions allow for such a judgement). I’ve had to meet realtors in Fishtown at bars and parks before. I will grant that is a low bar to clear, but Rob was a breath of fresh air. Dealing with him just felt more legitimate than with the other realtors I had worked with. My wife and I went into the house search with pretty concrete ideas of what we wanted, but once we started looking we were lead around much more by our hearts than our minds. That made it pretty difficult for Rob to peg the style of house we were looking for as there was some dissonance between what we said we wanted and what we actually liked. Rob did ask a lot of questions to try to figure it out. We weren’t actually in the market terribly long before making an offer, but I think he would have figured us out pretty well if we were in the market just a little longer. Ultimately, I would recommend Rob to anyone looking in Philadelphia.

5.1.2015 – Rob was terrific to work with.  He is professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. He knew exactly what I was looking for and helped me find the place that I bought.  He takes the time to understand what you are looking for and does the research and background work to find that dream house for you.  I would work with him again if either selling or buying.  Just an amazing person and realtor.

3.13.2015 – Rob was a pleasure. He was knowledgeable about neighborhoods and very patient when showing us different options and walking us through the buying process. Most importantly, Rob is a trustworthy person to work with.

10.30.2014 – Helped me buy a home Rob was amazing to work with. He helped me navigate the difficult process of submitting an offer, getting the right folks to help me inspect it, and understanding the options I had — every step of the way. He was particularly quick to respond to emails/texts/calls, and negotiated on my behalf in a way that made me feel like someone was really looking out for my interests. I would work with him again in a heartbeat and will certainly recommend him to friends and colleagues in the future.

8.31.2014 – Rob was excellent. He actually found the house we immediately loved, purchased and moved in, all in under one month. Need I say more?

7.23.2014 – We met Rob at an open house he was hosting earlier this year. We were just starting to look at relocating in the city and wanted to get a look at new construction as compared with renovation. Rob was easy to talk with and although we were not interested in the house he was showing, we gave him our contact number and told him what we were looking to do. Within a few days, he emailed us some listings that he thought we might like. One of them caught our eye and we had him take us through the house. We ended up purchasing the property and are now in the process of renovation. Rob and the entire Trident team were super to deal with throughout the process and made everything go smoothly. He was easy to contact and was able to answer all of our questions and help us with the inevitable snags that happen during the process.

4.22.2014 – Rob is a great realtor. He found the perfect place for me. He is available for what seems like 24/7. He responds to phone calls, emails and texts immediately whenever he can. If he is busy he responds in a very short time frame. When I wanted to see a property on a Saturday evening he was there. I especially liked that Rob knows the correct balance of interaction. I met him at an Open House a good year before I was ready to buy. I explained to him that I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time until I sold my current property. He kept in touch occasionally. Other realtors either tried to glom onto me or else they got attitude and blew me off. Rob continued to send me emails with new properties that came on the market while periodically reaching out to see where I was at. When I was ready to buy Rob was the only realtor that I dealt with. At that point Rob listened to what I really wanted / needed and sent me listings that were appropriate for me. Other realtors tend to bombard you with properties in a zip and price range. Rob took the time to forward listings to me that were truly possibilities. Additionally, Rob has a wonderful personality. He is always very pleasant and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend Rob (and I can be difficult).

4.27.2014 – Rob is an excellent buyer’s agent and a detail oriented professional. He was not the first realtor we met, and we were grateful to find him. His attention to detail was unbelievable and he was always available for questions, no matter how inconsequential. We were coming from Indiana and a little intimidated by the Philadelphia market, but he put us at ease and had our best interests in mind. His approach and patience helped us find the perfect home that fit out needs, budget, and timeline for buying. We had many atypical inspection and financing issues, but Rob worked with us through every step of the process. We were very grateful for his network of contacts that helped us find and purchase a home that exceeded our expectations for what was available to us when we began our search.