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Gardening Tips for City Living

urban garden

City living does not necessarily mean gardening is factored out.  Plenty of city residents utilize their outdoor space with beautiful plants and flowers. Urban Gardening Know How produced a helpful list of tips to help tackle urban gardening for city residents.

According to their site, city dwellers can easily grow vegetable gardens containing peppers, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes.  Adequate drainage is a main requirement for a successful outdoor veggie garden. If you are working with a small outdoor space, consider using hanging baskets.

Another alternative to city gardening is utilizing roof top or balcony space. Roof top gardens are becoming more popular in urban settings.  The plants absorb rainfall, which in turn reduces runoff. Before creating a roof-top space, make sure the roof is stable enough to hold the weight of the plants.  Also, utilizing vacant lots are a great way to create garden space and brighten a neighborhood.


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