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Reasons Why Philly is #3 on The NYT’s Places to Go List

Philadelphia Skyline

The New York Times recently published a list of ’52 Places to Go in 2015.’ Right behind Milan and Cuba, the City of Brotherly Love came in at third place. How incredible is that?!

In the past couple of years, Philadelphia has increasingly developed and reinvented itself.  The City of Brotherly Love is no longer only known for its deep roots in American history but as a highly traveled destination for restaurants, attractions and entertainment of all sorts. Here is why Philadelphia made the number 3 spot:

1. Dilworth Park began construction and renovation in 2012 and reopened with its new look this past September. Located on the west side of City Hall, Dilworth Park is a great addition to attractions in Philadelphia. This park was once an ugly concrete slab of non-utilized space as well as an eyesore in Center City.  Today, the newly reinvented Dilworth Park boasts of an ice skating rink, outdoor seating, lawn space, a fountain and not to mention a delicious cafe by Chef Jose Garces. New entrances and elevators have also been created for underground access to the Market East station.

2. Spruce Street Harbor Park was a widely popular addition to the Delaware River Waterfront this past summer.  The temporary outdoor oasis attracted hundreds of guests with its colorful chairs and umbrellas, a floating garden area and The Blue Anchor featuring a casual menu with beer and cocktails.

3. The Schuylkill River Boardwalk opened in October 2014. The $18 million, pet friendly boardwalk runs from Locust Street to South Street, which has attracted residents and visitors in the past few months. It is a great spot to bike ride, jog or take a stroll to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Philadelphia skyline.


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