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Protecting Your Home From Harsh Winter Weather

harsh winter weather

Photo courtesy of PhillyMag.com

The first official day of winter is quickly approaching. Even though over the past few weeks we have felt the bitter cold temperatures.  It is important to protect your home from the harsh winter weather conditions it may endure.

Realtor.com suggests prepping your home before the winter months to ensure that it is structurally sound and safe from blizzards, ice storms and everything else winter has to offer.  As the winter weather begins to approach, stock up on shovels and rock salt.  There is nothing more hectic than trying to buy these items the day before a huge storm. Save yourself the aggravation and get it done ahead of schedule.  Also to ensure the safety of you and your family, make sure your home has plenty of blankets, warm clothing, bottled water and canned goods.  This may be a bit dramatic but sometimes it is hard to tell in advance how much damage a blizzard can do.

As for the protection of your home, make sure your pipes are insulated to prevent freezing and breakage.  Furthermore, be sure to have your roof and siding inspected by a contractor if you are aware of or worried about leaks.  A weak roof could be unstable and cause potential safety hazards in the event of a winter storm.  Although this is typically not an issue for city residents, it is important to trim low hanging tree branches that may be at risk of collapsing.



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