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Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Realtor.com recently published an article that highlighted the common mistakes many sellers encounter when trying to sell their home.  During the process of a listing a home, many sellers face uncertainty about making decisions on price, staging and finding the right Realtor.

1. Hiring the Right Realtor

Before listing your home, finding the perfect Realtor is the first step to take. Selling your home is a huge step and important decision.  Choosing the right Realtor will make the experience easier and less stressful.  A good real estate agent will be open to answering all of your questions about the process.

2. Setting the Right Price

It is important for your home to be set at a competitive price.  A real estate professional can help you set the perfect listing price for your home.  Setting a price that is too high will leave your home on the market longer than necessary.

3. Staging Your Home

When prospective buyers are looking at homes, they want to envision themselves living there.  Therefore as a seller, it is necessary to remove any clutter, family photos or anything else that can distract buyers from seeing the true beauty of the house.  Consider hiring a staging company or referring to the suggestions of your Realtor when preparing the home for listing photos and showings.

4. Customer Mindset

Realtor.com also noted that patience is key when selling a home.  When sellers begin jumping to conclusions or assuming each potential buyers is ‘the one’ that is how they become easily let down.  When a showing is scheduled, it is suggested for sellers to leave the home and allow the potential buyers get a good sense of the property without unsolicited input.

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