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Tips for Home Renovation Projects


Better Homes & Gardens offered helpful tips for homeowners who are interested in renovation projects. Home renovation projects are costly and often time consuming, so effective planning in all aspects is important.  Following these tips courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens will ensure a smoother process.

1. Planning Ahead

Making selections ahead of time will prevent delays down the road and help with sticking to your budget.

2. Hire Licensed Professionals

Hiring professionals with good references and a nice background of quality work will ensure a trustworthy experience. Preview the remodelers current or previous jobs to get an idea of their cleanliness and reliability.

3. Have a Clear & Detailed Contract

Remodeling projects without a contract are a recipe for disaster. Since a lot of time and money is involved, you want to be sure that there is a clear agreement with the contractor. The contract should reflect a start date, completion date and clear details of what is and what is not going to be done.

4. Prepare for the Inevitable

Preparing and budgeting for unexpected mishaps is very important. When renovating it is quite possible to encounter unexpected delays and inconveniences that could cost time and money.  Prepare for it.

5. Create a temporary living space.

It is difficult and inconvenient living under construction. If you are having a kitchen fully remodeled, try setting up a temporary kitchen space away from the construction.  Include a refrigerator and microwave in another area of the house during renovation.

6. Pack away your valuables.

Renovations create a lot of mess and dust. Pack away family photos, vases and other fixtures before work begins. It will prevent any damage from the work taking place.


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