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Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Before Listing

If you are a homeowner who is interested in selling your home, upgrades can make the house more marketable to potential buyers.  The best investment homeowners can make is in the remodel or upgrade of their kitchen.

RISMedia provided a five step solution to improve your kitchen and make your home more appealing before listing.

1. Upgrading with Energy Star Appliances.

Investing in new appliances will not only give your kitchen a face lift, but make it more energy efficient as well. Replacing old, dingy, outdated appliances with Energy Star appliances will show buyers that the home is cost-effective and sustainable.

2. Replace Backsplash

Adding a backsplash is a relatively inexpensive way to give your kitchen a new look. The backsplash will protect the kitchen walls from grease, water, oil, etc. but it will also accentuate the kitchen’s style.

3. Restore Cabinets

Resurfacing or restoring cabinetry can change the whole look of your kitchen. Also, replacing existing hardware with a fresh and modern look will be appealing to buyers.  When your home is on the market, you do not want potential buyers to turn away due to cabinets with chipped paint or broken handles.  Additionally, adding a lazy Susan or draw space will improve the functionality of the kitchen.

4. Add Furniture

Updating your kitchen with a new dining set or stools will definitely create a personable feel for potential buyers.

5. Update the Lighting

Make sure your kitchen has plenty of updated lighting especially to attract those buyers who love to cook.  Adding a light fixture, chandelier or recessed lighting will truly update the kitchen’s atmosphere.


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