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Green Friendly Tips for the Chilly Weather


Fall is here and unfortunately winter is approaching soon behind it. During this time of the year, energy costs increase significantly due to the declining temperatures. Investing in energy efficient appliances is one of the best ways to save money on utilities all year long.

EarthShare.org provides an informational list that includes the biggest energy users in your home.

1. Water Heaters
2. Ranges
3. Refrigerators
4. Clothes Washers
5. Clothes Dryers
6. Portable Heaters
7. Freezers
8. Lighting
9. Air Conditioners
10. Dishwashers

Earth Share also offered inexpensive, cost-effective tips for savings money during the colder months. For households with window unit air-conditioners, add covers on the exterior of the air conditioner to avoid any draft coming inside.  Caulking around windows and pipes is also a great way to insulate and reduce energy costs. Typically, caulk is extremely inexpensive and is a quick DIY fix.

Perform regular maintenance on a forced air furnace by changing the filter once a month. Also, it is important to make sure the furnace is professionally cleaned and tuned once a year.

Weatherstripping is another way to keep the cold out during the winter.  Weatherstrips come in plastic, foam or rubber and create a tight seal around doors and windows. The cost is ranges from $3 to $10 per window depending on the type of weatherstrip.

Storm window kits provide an inexpensive alternative to cutting energy costs as well. Most storm window kits come with plastic film or sheets to cover and weatherproof the windows.

These cost-effective tips can help you save a ton when the cold, winter months arrive.  Although we are still enjoying the reasonable, fall temperatures, it would not hurt to get started on insulation for the approaching winter season.




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