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Sellers: Home Inspection Preparation Tips

RISMedia published a helpful list of home inspection preparation tips for sellers.

Before listing your home, it is important that all repairs are taken care of prior to the home inspection.  As a seller, avoiding any possible delays or roadblocks in the process to settlement is essential. Here is a breakdown of how to avoid home inspection nightmares!

1. The De-clutter Process: Clutter is not only displeasing to potential buyers but home inspectors as well.  Make their job easier by clearing the house of any junk or debris that can potentially get in the inspector’s way.

2. The Attic: If your home contains an attic, the home inspector is going to need access to it during inspection.  Typically, most homeowners utilize the attic as extra storage space.  You don’t need to completely clear out the attic but make sure it is easily accessible and free from dust and cobwebs.

3. Utilities: A home inspection cannot be complete without utilities turned on.  Gas, water and electric must be turned on in order for the inspection to take place.

4. Be aware of your pets: A home inspection is almost always scheduled at least a day in advance, which gives the sellers time to make accommodations for pets.  RISMedia suggests confining your pet to one room on the day of inspection.  Also, if your pet is not friendly with strangers then going out for a walk is an ideal alternative.

5.  Let the home inspector get the job done: On the day of inspection, it is suggested for homeowners to leave during the appointment.  This is a prefer among a large majority of home inspectors.  This allows for the inspector to finish the job without any interruptions or interference.

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