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Philly Neighborhood Average Rental Prices

According to a study circulated by real estate website Zumper, Philadelphia falls into the category of top ten priciest cities for renters.  Although our city did not fall in the top 5 of the category, Zumper broke down Philly’s most expensive neighborhoods to rent in.

On average,  the price for a one bedroom rental in Philadelphia is $1,375/month. While a two bedroom rental can cost $1,500/month.

The most expensive neighborhood is Logan Square with an average one bedroom rental price at $1,775/month. For a two bedroom rental, the monthly cost comes to $2,485.

On the more affordable end of rentals in Philly, the Fairmount/Art Museum Area is averaged at $1,411/month for a one bedroom and $1,695/month for a two bedroom.

logan square

Chart courtesy of Zumper.com

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