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Taney Dragons Broad Street Parade Today

taney dragons

Photo courtesy of WJBR.com.

Philly’s own Taney Dragons baseball team will be celebrated today for their accomplishments and national attention in the Little League World Series. The Philadelphia Phillies, city officials and other supporters have organized a parade to honor the Little League team.

According to NBC 10, The parade will start at 2 p.m. today on 20th and Market Streets. The parade route is planned to travel east on Market Street, around City Hall and then make its way down South Broad Street to FDR Park.

Tonight at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies are scheduled to have a pregame tribute to the Taney Dragons.

Although the Dragons did not advance in the Little League World Series, their popularity has spread throughout the country. Especially for star-pitcher, Mo’Ne Davis, who is the first female pitcher to earn a win in the Little League World Series.

If you are on Broad Street or in the Center City area, check out the Taney Dragons parade!

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