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Plans begin for Philly elevated park

Philly elevated park

Photo courtesy of Philly.com/CLEM MURRAY

According to Philly.com, plans are underway for a complete renovation of the Reading Viaduct, which extends through the Loft District neighborhood and ends on North Broad Street.  Neighborhood and city officials plan to revitalize the railroad spur into an elevated park. The plans include renovating the dilapidated area into a friendly, green space for all to enjoy with a view of Center City.

Although funds will be provided by the city and state, it will not be enough to cover the entire cost of the renovation. Private donations will be needed to fulfill the expected $8.6 million dollar budget.

New York’s High Line inspired the plans and idea for Philly’s new elevated city park. The High Line in New York helped to spark revitalization, which is also the hope for the Reading Viaduct Project planners.

The completion of this park will put the neighborhood into the beginning stages of the modernization that is sweeping through Philadelphia.


Article: Elevated park on rail viaduct finally firming up
By: Tony Graham, Philadelphia Inquirer
Sunday April 6, 2013


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