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Philly Mortgages: Trident Mortgage Rates

Check out the Philly mortgages and rates provided by Trident Mortgage if you are interested in purchasing a home in Philadelphia,

Mortgage rates had a fairly quiet week, until the Bureau of Labor Statistics released their jobs report. Traders and investors, as well as the Federal Reserve, has been closely watching job growth to give them direction on our US economic recovery. The stronger this report gets the more likely the Federal Reserve is to begin raising rates and further slow their bond purchase program. Mortgage rates will be tied to this monthly report for the foreseeable future. The report Friday came out right around expectations and also revised previous reports higher. This good news should have put pressure on rates, but when taking a closer look at the report it was found that “lower paying” jobs were a big chunk of these jobs being established. While the details spread through the market our friends in Europe have a much slower recovery going on and began talking about doing some of their own stimulus. The European Central Bank (ECB), lilke the Federal Reserve, can cut rates and opt to buy bonds. The job report & ECB news caused a rally in the mortgage bond market Friday. We’ve seen rates in some programs move lower! The jumbo rate also remains lower than the conventional rate!

Trident Mortgage Rate Sheet 4-4-2014

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