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Mortgage Rates: Trident Mortgage Update

Rates headed slightly lower this week as investors turned their attention to renewed concerns in the Ukraine. This fear and uncertainty moves money out of the stock market and into safer investments like mortgage bonds. That increased demand pushes rates lower. It’s the best rates have been in about two weeks or so. It is also important to note the Jumbo rate (loans over 417k) is actually lower than the conventional loans. This is an anomaly and a huge advantage for our higher-end buyers. Trident has strong relationships in the jumbo arena that have been in place for over 20 years; these relationships allow us to secure these aggressive rates and in some cases can do jumbo financing at as little as 10% down. Most jumbo investors require at least 20% Down so this can be a big advantage assuming the buyer is well qualified. Just something to keep in mind!

Trident Mortgage Rate Sheet 3-14-2014

Jason Griesser
Jason F. Griesser, CMB
Sr. Mortgage Consultant
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