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Home Selling: Staging your home to sell

An example of great home staging at our listing on 1518 North Street.

An example of great home staging at our listing on 1518 North Street.

Home staging is one of the most important tasks in the selling process. First impressions are crucial and too much clutter can distract potential buyers from the true beauty of a house. Here are some useful tips for sellers and agents to utilize in preparation for the home selling process.

– De-clutter your home! When it comes to furniture, less is more.  Too much furniture in a room can make it appear smaller than it actually is, which is unappealing to buyers.

– Remove any personalized items such as family photos.

– Neatly store away children’s toys.

– If you are given notice for a showing, make sure the lights are turned on. Good lighting can really accentuate the features of a room. You don’t want buyers walking into a dark house.

– Have your carpets professionally cleaned.

– Give each room a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.

– Remove any debris from the outside of your home including leaves, trash, dead plants, etc. On busy Philadelphia streets, sidewalks tend to quickly accumulate trash and debris.

Home staging does not have to be a major expense for sellers. Following some of these simple tips can help with your home selling process. Most of the time, it is more cost effective to properly stage rather than take a price reduction down the line.


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