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Home Buying: Tips for the final Walk-through


The walk-through is important for buyers to get a final glimpse of their future home or investment property before heading to the settlement table.  It is crucial for both the buyer’s agent and buyer to know what to look for and be prepared for any red flags that may occur during the walk-through. Typically, the buyer’s agent and buyer schedule the walk-through at any time between 48 hours to 2 hours before settlement.

Our Center City Listings team has compiled a list of the best tips for buyers and agents to know before heading to their final walk-through.

– Be sure to know where the gas and water meters are located. Take photos of the meters and bring them to settlement. If you are unsure, ask the inspector to point the meters out to you. This will alleviate any confusion or delays the day of settlement.

– Bring a check list and make sure all of the items agreed upon on the reply to inspection have been completed. Check through each point and have your buyer sign off on this.

– Make sure all major appliances that are included with the sale are functional.

– Check through home for any unwanted items or trash left by current owner.

– Check all light fixtures, water faucets and toilets.

– Check heating and air conditioning units.

– Open and close all doors.

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