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Will Millennials stay or go in South Philly?

Photo courtesy of South Philly Review

Photo courtesy of South Philly Review

The South Philly Review highlighted a study drawn from Pew Charitable Trusts about the millennial generation living in South Philadelphia neighborhoods.  According to the article by South Philly Review writer Bill Chenevert,  millennials who have currently populated the city do not plan on staying here for long. This is mostly due to crime and drug issues throughout the city, as well as schools. Over the past decade, Philadelphians have seen areas of the city flourish and revitalize making neighborhoods more desirable for young adults.  Hopefully, this opinion of young millennials will change in years to come as Philadelphia strives and continues to improve.

Check out the rest of the article on the South Philly Review’s website at http://www.southphillyreview.com/news/features/Will_Millennials_stay_or_go_in_South_Philly-242660001.html?page=1&comments=1&showAll= .  It’s definitely worth a read!

Click here to read the Philly Millennials January 2014 Report published by Pew Charitable Trusts.


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